Mycological Meetings

Edited by: Gioconda San Blas (Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, Caracas, Venezuela) and
Sybren de Hoog (Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Utrecht, The Netherlands) .

April 22-25 2014

The CBS Spring Symposium Week 2014 will start with a masterclass on Methods in Fungal Diversity and Barcoding, organized by the ISHAM Working Groups on Barcoding and on Scedosporium infections. A wide array of methods applied to a single set of Scedosporium strains will be shown. The meeting will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 22-23 April, 2014. Subsequently a meeting is organized in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 24-25 April, 2014, entitled ‘Genera and Genomes’. For both meetings information will be available soon on the CBS website.

May 10-13 2014

The 24th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases will be held in Barcelona, Spain, 10 – 13 May, 2014. For full information, click here.


May 13-16 2014

The 3rd Workplace and Indoor Aerosols Conference will be held in Wroclaw, Poland, 13-16 May, 2014. Full information can be found on the website here

May 15-19 2014

The 9th International Conference on Cryptococcus and Cryptococcosis will be organized in Amsterdam, 15-19 May, 2014. For registration, program and further information, click here.


May 15-16 2014

The 3rd Iranian Congress on Medical Mycology will be held in Tehran, Iran, 15-16 May, 2014. For full information and registration, click here.


May 17-20 2014

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) will have its yearly meeting in Boston, U.S.A., 17-20 May, 2014. Fullinformation can be found here.

May 19 2014

The 3rd ECMM Educational Symposium: ‘Diagnosis and treatment of rare yeast infections’ will be organized as a pre-congress activity of the Cryptococcus meeting, see here.  In connection with the same conference, a Clinical Masterclass and a Genome Workshop focusing on Cryptococcus will be organized at the same venue, on May 19, 2014.

May 28-31 2014

The 5th Conges of Macedonian Microbiologists will take place 28-31 May, 2014 in Ohrid, Macedonia. All information can be found here

June 5-6 2014

The 3rd meeting of the ECMM/ISHAM working group on Fungal Respiratory Infections in Cystic Fibrosis will be held in Angers, France, 5-6 June, 2014. Information can be found here  and for registration, contact


June 15-1 2014

A training course on molecular mycology and pathogenesis at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, U.S.A., 15 June - 1 July, 2014. For information and registration, click here.


June 18-20 2014

The XII Spanish National Congress on Mycology / XII Congreso Nacional de Micología will be held in Bilbao, Spain, 18-20 June , 2014. This comprises also the II Meeting on Invasive Fungal Infections (IIEFI). Registration is now open; for program and information (in Spanish), click here.

June 27-28 2014

Scientia Akademie organizes a German-language workshop Infections in Intensive Medicine in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, 27-28 June, 2014. For information, contact Gabriele Henning.  

June 30-4 2014

An international course on Yeast Diagnostics in Medical Mycology will be held in Mayor, Chile, 30 June – 4 July, 2014. For information, contact Norma Mora

July 4-6 2014

An ESCMID course on pharmacokinetics entitled ‘Bringing PK and PD in Fungal Infections into the Clinic’ will be organized in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 4-6 July, 2014. For information, click here.

July 7-12 2014

The congress Indoor Air 2014 will be organized in Hong Kong, 7-12 July, 2014. For full information, click here.

July 27-1 2014

The next congress of the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS) is scheduled July 27 – August 1, 2014 in Montreal, Canada. website


August 3-8 2014

The 10th International Mycological Congress will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, 3 – 8 August, 2014. This is one of the major congresses in mycology, with a significant medical section. This is the website


August 28-2 2014

IAC2014, the 2014 International Aerosol Conference will be organized in Busan, South Korea, 28 August – 2 September, 2014


September 4-6 2014

The 48th Scientific Meeting MYK of the German-speaking Mycological Society, is organized jointly with the Austrian Society for Medical Mycology in Salzburg, Austria, 4-6 September, 2014. Full information can be found here.


September 5-9 2014

The 54th ICAAC (Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy) will be held in Washington, DC, U.S.A., 5-9 September, 2014. All information on this major event can be found here.


September 18-21 2014

Trends in Environmental Microbiology for Public Health (TEMPH2014), with topics on indoor mycology, will take place 18-24 September, 2014, in Lisbon, Portugal. Full information can be found here.

September 19-21 2014

The 3rd Forum on Zygomycosis, organized by the ECMM/ISHAM Working Group on Zygomycosis, will take place in Marathon, Greece, 19-21 September, 2014. For further information please go to

September 24-26 2014

The Turkish Society for Medical Mycology organizes its first national congress of medical mycology in Ankara, Turkey, 24-26 September, 2014. A pre-congress course on hyaline molds, aspergillosis and hyalohyphomycosis will be organized. For information, contact Emel Tumbay.

October 1-3 2014

The  International Conference on Antimicrobial Research (ICAR2014) will be held in Madrid, Spain, 1-3 October, 2014. For full information and registration, click here.


October 3 2014

A preliminary program for one day Postgraduate Technical Workshop “Veterinary Mycology in Practice”, a joint activity between the ISHAM Veterinary Working Group and ESCVP, to be held on 3 October, 2014 in Milan, Italy, can be found here. For registration, visit the website of the WG here.


October 8-10 2014

The preliminary program of the meeting 100 Years Chromoblastomycosis, to be held in São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil, 8-10 October, 2014, can be found here. For further information, contact Vania Vicente.


October 8-14 2014

The next meeting of the ISHAM Working Group Chromoblastomycosis is the centennial ‘100 years of Chromoblastomycosis’. The meeting will be held in Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil, 8-14 October, 2014. A website will be available soon.


October 14-16 2014

The 8th Cuban Congress on Microbiology and Tropical Medicine will be organized in Havana, Cuba, 14-16 October, 2014, with some mycological sections. For information, click here.


October 16-18 2014

The next Latin American medical mycology conference (Infocus) will be organized in Curitiba, Brazil, 16-18 October, 2014. Information is available on this website.

November 17-19 2014

A workshop Comparative and Functional Genomics of Fungal Pathogens will be organized in Baeza, Spain, 17-19 November, 2014. For information, click here.

November 17-28 2014

The next CBS Course Medical Mycology will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 17-28 November, 2014. See here for information and registration.

December 11-13 2014

The next MEEGID 12th International Conference on Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, 11-13 December, 2014. Click here for the website.


June 7-11 2015

The 6th Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS 2015), hosted by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies, will take place from 7-11 June, 2015 in the historic city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Stay informed via the website here.


October 9-12 2015

The next biannual Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM2015), under auspices of ECMM and EORTC, will be organized in Lisbon, Portugal, 9-12 October, 2015. This is the website