Barcoding of Medical Fungi

Name(s) of Coordinator(s)

Wieland Meyer ( and Sybren de Hoog (


Coordinate barcoding activities and exchange data / methods

Achievements of the Working Group in last year (250 words)

A workshop barcoding was held at CBS, Utrecht, 12-13 April 2013, with about 90 international participants. The meeting was very successful; abstract book and the majority of presentations can be viewed at the Working Group website. Part of the conclusions, such as on optimal genes for diagnostics in different groups, will be implemented in the Atlas of Clinical Fungi.
The next meeting is scheduled in April 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The meeting will consist of one day free presentations, and one day ‘masterclass’ where about 20 participants will present hypotheses and pitfalls of numerous methods explained with a single set of strains in Scedosporium. Organisers of this meeting are Sybren de Hoog, Wieland Meyer and Michaela Lackner. We are involved in the set-up of networks of virtual labs sharing the same databases in China and in Brazil

Is your Working Group going to continue for the next three years?

The working group will be active for several years to come. Workshops will be organized in close cooperation with other working groups, because barcoding is the approach, and the others provide the material to be barcoded.


April 22-23 2014

Diversity and Barcoding of Medical Fungi:
Novel Achievements and Masterclass

A meeting of the ISHAM Working Groups on Barcoding and Scedosporium


Organised by the ISHAM Working Group Medical Barcoding
Venue: CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Organisers: Wieland Meyer and Sybren de Hoog
Registration: free