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F1000 Posters
The International Society for Human and Animal Mycology is working in partnership with the established open access repository, F1000 Posters, to host the posters/slide presentations from the recent conference online. We therefore invite you to deposit through the quick and simple online submission form.

It is important to note that F1000 Posters places no restriction on later use of the material presented in the posters (including data). Additionally, F1000 Posters has contacted a number of journal Editors asking whether deposition of a poster in the F1000 Poster repository would be considered prior publication. All responses can be viewed here. ISHAM wishes to make it clear that submission of a poster/presentation to Faculty 1000 is entirely voluntary, and is not required by the society. In submitting a poster your research may be viewed and downloaded by others, however users of the site will be required to maintain the integrity of deposited work by ensuring full citation of the work if it is reproduced in any way by following the requirements of the standard non-commercial Creative Commons license.

Faculty of 1000 (F1000,; from the founders of BioMed Central, Current Opinions journals etc) has expanded its award-winning post-publication literature evaluation service by including evaluations of posters and slides from across the major life science and medical conferences. The Faculty of 10,000 world-renowned experts (including many Nobel Laureates and Lasker Award winners) regularly review new posters/slides deposited in F1000 Posters for selection and evaluation in F1000. The selection of your poster(s)/slides for evaluation will bring the attention of a much wider audience to the novel work you are presenting than can be achieved by attending a single conference, and deposition will enable all researchers with an interest in your work to contact you and ask questions even if they are unable to attend the meeting in person.

So that the Faculty can review the submissions and select those that they wish to evaluate, we prefer to receive all submissions by the 01/08/2012 although you will still be able to deposit your poster(s)/slides after this date should you be unable to make the deadline. We will however be unable to publish an evaluation of your poster(s)/slides without having a copy of the original poster(s)/slides as our users will need to be able to see the work on which the evaluation is based.

If you have any questions about this invitation or about F1000, then please do not hesitate to contact the F1000 Posters team at A list of the most commonly asked questions, with answers, can be found here.