Aims and achievements

Welcome to the new ISHAM website.

This is a good opportunity to let our Members know what your Council has achieved during it’s 2015-2018 term so far and what we are working on at the moment.

The theme of our activities has been collaboration and global education. The following are some of the achievements:

  1. In collaboration with EUCAST, the European Union Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing and support from Gilead Sciences we have developed a smart phone app called FungiMICs. ​FungiMICs is intended as an easy-to-use information source for physicians working in the field of fungal infections. The app aims to provide MIC data and associated clinical breakpoints and epidemiological cut-off (ECOFF) values for different organism–drug interactions, in an intuitive and practical format.
    The app contains MIC distributions from the EUCAST MIC distribution and ECOFF website which are based on collated data from multiple sources worldwide. The histograms and box plots included on this app display wild type organisms, together with EUCAST clinical breakpoints and ECOFFs. Not all drugs have established MIC values for the fungal organisms within this app. The app is available in the Applestore and Playmarket for Android phones, iPhones and iPads. Search for FungiMICs.
  2. We have established a brand for regional meetings held in the Middle East. This is called INFORM - Integrated Networking Forum for Research in Mycology. Two meetings have been held: May 2016 and May 2017. A third one if being planned for 2018. The scientific programme has been developed by ISHAM and we have enjoyed sponsorship from Gilead Sciences whom we thank.
  3. ISHAM is partnering with INFOCUS 2017 in sponsoring and contributing to a symposium within the INFOCUS conference, being held in Curitaba, Brazil, 16-18th November 2017. For more details see:
  4. Young ISHAM (YISHAM), under the stewardship of Vice President for YISHAM affairs, Marcus Teixeira, has been active in developing our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and more. In collaboration with the local organisers of the 2018 ISHAM Congress in Amsterdam, Marcus and colleagues are developing an exciting programme for the YISHAM day preceding the main event.
  5. ISHAM continues to support its working groups, and themed conferences and symposia around the globe.
  6. The Society’s two academic journals Medical Mycology (EIC – Karl Clemons)  and Medical Mycology Case Reports (EIC – Oliver Kurzai)  continue to grow and provide a platform for exciting research and clinical experience to be broadcast to a global readership.
  7. Beyond social media presence, our main outreach to members is the ISHAM Newsletter. We thank Sybren de Hoog for all his energy in keeping this alive and buoyant.
  8. Anything and everything about our Society and how we outreach to the world is our ultimate ambition. Towards this end, the ISHAM website has undergone a massive redesign and facelift. We thank Vice President Ruth Ashbee for her enthusiasm and determination in making this happen.


There are many more goals to reach but we are well on the way of achieving our commitment to be a major educational force for ISHAM Members and the wider mycological community.

Thank you all for your support.

Malcolm Richardson - President