Aims and achievements

Welcome to the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM)
We are honoured and happy that you visited our website and encourage you to become of ISHAM member. There are many benefits associated with becoming ISHAM member which can be seen under the membership tab.
The present council is in office since July 2018 and many new activities have been initiated since then.
  1. On June 3rd, 2019, we launched an ISHAM e-course on diagnostic mycology. You can see the details of the course in this website. After going through the course, if you qualify in the online examination, you will receive an International Certificate for successful course completion. For ISHAM members the course fee is only 15 CHF. For non-members the course fee is 75 CHF.
  2. Our next venture will be an e-course on clinical mycology. Three eminent clinicians Dr. Martin Hoenigl, Dr. Ilan Schwartz, and Dr. Matteo Bassetti have started working under the leadership of Dr. John Perfect our President-elect of the society.
  3. ISHAM is stimulating development and training in medical mycology in those areas of the world where awareness is lacking and laboratory facilities are limited. Two new working groups - INFOCUS LATAM -Latin American Clinical Mycology Working Group and the Pan Africa Mycology Working Group have been constituted to improve educational and research activities in those two continents.
  4. To disseminate knowledge, performing epidemiologic and clinical studies and advocacy in our field for underdeveloped regions, ISHAM is working closely with the Global Action Fund for Fungal Infection (GAFFI) and the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM).
  5. The council endorsed two regional conferences in between the 3-year world ISHAM congresses to improve participation of young people in scientific meetings and providing them the opportunity to interact with global leaders in the field of medical mycology. InFocus-LATAM ISHAM regional congress will be held in Salvador, Brazil from October 13-16, 2019, and ISHAM-Asia Fungal Working Group regional conference in Bangkok, Thailand from May 7-9, 2020. ISHAM will provide financial support to 50 young ISHAM members in each region to attend and present their work at these conferences. It would be a wonderful opportunity to young doctors and scientists from those regions. If you are not an ISHAM member, become member to avail this opportunity.
  6. ISHAM is continuing the scientific support for regional meetings held in the Middle East. This is called INFORM - Integrated Networking Forum for Research in Mycology. The scientific programme is developed by ISHAM and Gilead Sciences is taking care of the organisation.
  7. Young ISHAM (YISHAM), under the stewardship of Vice President for YISHAM affairs, Sara Gago, has been active in developing our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Sara is reorganizing regional YISHAM groups of 3-5 people from different continents to identify mycology needs of youngsters in different parts of the world. She is looking for ISHAM members interested to become ambassadors in those regions. For restructuring YISHAM, the council has decided to select at least two regional ambassadors, one in basic mycology and another in clinical mycology. The council has agreed to sponsor two training fellowships every year.
  8. ISHAM continues to support its working group meeting, and themed conferences and symposia around the globe.
  9. The Society’s two academic journals Medical Mycology (EIC – Karl Clemons) and Medical Mycology Case Reports (EIC – Adillia Warris) continue to grow and provide a platform for ground-breaking research and clinical experience for a global readership. Professor Adillia Warris became the new EIC in December 2019 after the completion of the term of professor Oliver Kurzai. Finally the impact factor of our journal Medical Mycology has increased again compared to last year (2.851).
The council solicits your suggestions and criticism so that we can achieve our goal of ‘Medical Mycology for all’
Arunaloke Chakrabarti – President
Jacques Meis – General Secretary
Oliver Cornely - Treasurer