ISHAM Young Investigator Award

Purpose: To recognise a member of the Young ISHAM community who has made a significant contribution to their field and shows promise as a future key opinion leader. 

Selection: Nominations are made from the ISHAM membership. An independent panel judge the applications.

Number awarded: 2 - one in basic mycology and one in clinical mycology

Prize: A certificate, CHF 1,000, a travel grant of  CHF 400 to attend the ISHAM Congress and the recipients will be invited to give a short lecture at the Congress

Recipient (Basic Mycology) Recipient (Clinical Mycology) Year of Award

Duncan Wilson

"Counteracting nutritional immunity – micronutrient scavenging by human fungal pathogens"

Aleksandra Barac

"The fungi on sinonasal mucosa: normal content or silent threat?"



Ferry Hagen

"A retrospective molecular diagnostic study to detect Cryptococcus gattii in formalin fixed paraffin embedded pulmonary coin lesions" 

Frank L van de Veerdonk

"Elucidating antifungal host defence via primary immunodeficiencies" 



Clarissa Nobile

"The molecular mechanisms of biofilm formation by Candida albicans"


Stepanie Diezmann

"Fungal evolution, phylogeny, population divergence and epidemiology of pathogenic yeasts"