FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Human Fungal Pathogens
May 18-24, 2019
La Colle sur Loup, France

The increasing resistance of fungal species against available antifungals, the outbreak of novel multidrug resistant fungal species and the relative lack of novel therapies or antifungal strategies pose a serious challenge to affected patients. Though discouraging in some sense, it should motivate us as scientists to continue performing state-of-the-art research trying to improve our understanding on the molecular mechanisms by which these fungi cause virulence and disease. To encourage collaboration and broaden our perspectives on the study subjects, we present the following topics to be covered during HFP2019:

  • Genomics, evaluation and epidemiology
  • Molecular and cell biology
  • Novel tools and antifungal strategies
  • Mycobiome and host-pathogen interactions

More details: https://hfp2019.febsevents.org/