ISHAM NEWS! (20-05-2011)

Dear , An ISHAM Working Group on Paracoccidioidomycosis has been proposed, see application here. This group will particularly focus on clinical aspects of the disease. For membership of the Group and for further information, contact Flavio Queiroz Telles.

A congress on barcoding of living organisms including pathogenic fungi will be organized in Adelaide, Australia, 30 Nov – 3 Dec, 2011. Full information can be found here.

A scientific meeting of the joint Belgian and Netherlands societies of medical mycology will be organized in Antwerp, Belgium, on 13 October 2011. Details on program and venue will soon be announced.

The next Asian Mycological Congress will take place in Incheon, South Korea, 7 – 11 August, 2011. There will be some sessions on medical mycology and related topics. For information, click here.

The Second International Fungal Cell Wall Meeting will be organized in Giens, France, 7 – 10 October, 2011. Information and registration details can be found here.

A new, clinically quite surprising Case Of The Month has been placed on the ISHAM website. Full information on this case is available in your member area, where you can also submit your questions and comments.

ISHAM Welcomes the Iranian Society for Medical Mycology as a new ISHAM-affiliated organization. The new society organized a very successful meeting in Sari, Iran last May, with almost 200 participants; for a short report, see here . Agreements of cooperation between Iran universities and abroad have been signed, of which an example can be found here. ISHAM is very happy to intensify cooperative links with Iran, and welcomes the 50 new members from the country.

The next CBS Course Medical Mycology will be held in Nanjing, China, 19 – 29 November, 2011 for Chinese participants. Large parts of the Course will be in Chinese, and a Chinese-language CD-ROM version of the Atlas of Clinical Fungi (edition 2011) will be available. Information and registration can be found here.

A major publication has appeared: the 5th edition of The Yeasts A Taxonomic Study, edited by Kurtzman, Fell and Boekhout. The three volumes with 163 chapters in 2080 pages in total treat all yeast species known to date. The publication is available from Elsevier, see here.

A Young ISHAM Newsflash can be found in your member area. It contains a.o. information on grants to participate in the next ISHAM Congress in Berlin, Germany, 11 – 15 June, 1912.