ISHAM NEWS! (28-08-2009)

Dear ISHAM member, As from today, ISHAM has a subdivision for the younger medical mycologist: Young ISHAM, an initiative of Michaela Lackner and Ferry Hagen. Young ISHAM aims to promote networking and to help with career opportunities for ISHAM members below 35. Young ISHAM is free, as a unique extra service to our members. Visit their website at and take part in the future of medical mycology.

The ISHAM Working Group on Cystic Fibrosis organized a very successful meeting in Angers, France, on 7 and 8 June 2009. Full information on this significant event is available in the Working Group area of  the ISHAM website, click here. The Working Group also publishes a regular Newsletter, click here for issue number 1.

The Societé Francaise de Mycologie Médicale organizes its annual meeting on the Caribbean island of Martinique, 11-13 January, 2010. The meeting open to all French-speaking participants. For information and program, click here.

A new Fungus of the Month has been placed on the ISHAM website, with case information at the SOS-Forum in your member area, submitted by Tahereh Shokohi. What would be your diagnosis?

The 6th European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics will take place in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, 22-23 October, 2009. The program can be found in the International Agenda of the ISHAM website, click here.

The Summer Newsletter of the Mycology Study Group is now available in the Working Group area of the ISHAM website, click here.

A vacancy is available for a postdoc on Candida cell surface at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. For information and application, click here.

No less than three ISHAM Working Groups will organize their workshops between April and June, 2010: Scedosporium (in Bonn, Germany), Black Yeasts (in Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Zygomycetes (in Athens, Greece). You will be updated soon about these activities, keep your agenda ready. Pre-information can be obtained from the Conveners.

Please note deadlines for the 4th Advances Against Aspergillosis, a major event in Aspergillus research, to be held February 4-6, 2010 in Rome, Italy, see reminder here and congress info here

Issue 47-6 of Medical Mycology has appeared; go to your ISHAM member area for free access. For your convenience we list the contents below:

Consensus multi-locus sequence typing scheme for Cryptococcus neoformans  and Cryptococcus gattii, Pages 561 - 570
Authors: Wieland Meyer; David M. Aanensen; Teun Boekhout; Massimo Cogliati; Mara R. Diaz; Maria Carmela Esposto; Matthew Fisher; Felix Gilgado; Ferry Hagen; Sirada Kaocharoen; Anastasia P. Litvintseva; Thomas G. Mitchell; Sitali P. Simwami; Luciana Trilles; Maria Anna Viviani; June Kwon-Chung

Invasive mould infections: a multi-disciplinary update, Pages 571 - 583
Authors: Georg Maschmeyer; Thierry Calandra; Nina Singh; Joseph Wiley; John Perfect

Identification of genomic differences between Cryptococcus neoformans  and Cryptococcus gattii  by Representational Difference Analysis (RDA), Pages 584 - 591
Authors: Josiane Faganello; Valéria Dutra; Augusto Schrank; Wieland Meyer; Irene S. Schrank; Marilene H. Vainstein

Economic burden of mucormycosis in the United States: can a vaccine be cost-effective?, Pages 592 - 600
Authors: Ashraf S. Ibrahim; John E. Edwards Jr.; Richard Bryant; Brad Spellberg

Characterization of multiple isolates of Aspergillus fumigatus  from patients: genotype, mating type and invasiveness, Pages 601 - 608
Authors: Sergio Alvarez-Perez; Marta E. Garcia; Emilio Bouza; Teresa Pelaez; Jose L. Blanco

Molecular characterization of a subgroup IE intron with wide distribution in the large subunit rRNA genes of dermatophyte fungi, Pages 609 - 617
Authors: Colin J. Jackson; Richard C. Barton; C. Graham Clark; Steven L. Kelly

Malassezia  folliculitis is caused by cutaneous resident Malassezia  species, Pages 618 - 624
Authors: Narifumi Akaza; Hirohiko Akamatsu; Yasuyuki Sasaki; Masataka Kishi; Hiroshi Mizutani; Akiyo Sano; Keiko Hirokawa; Satoru Nakata; Setsuko Nishijima; Kayoko Matsunaga

Cryptococcosis in domestic animals in Western Australia: a retrospective study from 1995–2006, Pages 625 - 639
Authors: S. McGill; R. Malik; N. Saul; S. Beetson; C. Secombe; I. Robertson; P. Irwin

In vitro  antifungal activities of luliconazole, a new topical imidazole, Pages 640 - 647
Authors: Hiroyasu Koga; Yasuko Nanjoh; Koichi Makimura; Ryoji Tsuboi

Madura leg due to Exophiala jeanselmei  successfully treated with surgery and itraconazole therapy, Pages 648 - 652
Authors: Jaffar A. Al-Tawfiq; Samir S. Amr

Systemic phaeohyphomycosis due to Exophiala (Wangiella)  in an immunocompetent child, Pages 653 - 657
Authors: Derya Alabaz; Filiz Kibar; Sevtap Arikan; Banu Sancak; Umit Celik; Necmi Aksaray; Mehmet Turgut

Nail infection by Aspergillus ochraceopetaliformis, Pages 658 - 662
Authors: J. Brasch; J. Varga; J. -M. Jensen; F. Egberts; K. Tintelnot

Primary cutaneous zygomycosis due to Absidia corymbifera  in a patient with cutaneous T cell lymphoma, Pages 663 - 668
Authors: Ze-Hu Liu; Gui-Xia Lv; Jia Chen; Hong Sang; Xiao-Dong She; Xian-Jin Chen; Jian-Fang Sun; Yong-Nian Shen; Xue-Si Zeng; Wei-da Liu


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