ISHAM NEWS! (06-01-2010)

Dear ISHAM member, The ISHAM News team wishes you a pleasant and successful 2010! For participating in some of the many ISHAM activities, we recommend to check the International Agenda and the Working group page . Let us know if you organize anything yourself, for free announcement to the global medical mycological community. To renew your ISHAM membership go to here and use PayPal: it’s cheap, safe and customer-friendly.

Supported by an educational grant of Gilead Sciences, a TIMM On-Demand Video portal has been opened, containing almost all presentations given at the last TIMM meeting in Athens, Greece; please check

An extensive training on multi-modality imaging of infection and inflammation using fluorescently labeled fungi is offered by Peter Warn and Lubomira Stateva at the Biomedical Imaging Institute, Manchester, U.K.; for information click here. Applications should be in before 5 February, 2010.

The 11th European Fusarium Seminar entitled ‘Fusarium – Mycotoxins, Taxonomy, Pathogenicity and Host Resistance’ will be held at Radzikow near Warsaw, Poland, 20-24 Sept, 2010. Full information is provided here.


If you are interested in becoming a member please complete the on-line application form:

Your application will be processed as rapidly as possible. On admission to membership you will be required to pay your first year's subscription fee (currently $50.00 US). You will then receive the current year's issues of Medical Mycology, regular e-mailed ISHAM news alerts and ISHAM-SOS service, have access to the ISHAM member forum and all other correspondence for members. You will also be entitled to vote at the ISHAM General Assembly.

In case your circumstances make it difficult to afford the subscription fee, a special fund (The Carolyn Halden Fund) exists to provide member's subscriptions for one or two years. Please explain your situation to the General Secretary.

Mycologists under 35 and having a great career in mind become ISHAM member. You will get your money back when you participate in the next ISHAM congress, see . Young members present in Tokyo will receive an extra gift worth $ 100,-; Click here for further information.