ISHAM NEWS! (15-02-2010)

Dear ISHAM member, For those of you who cannot afford ISHAM membership: support is possible for about 10 applicants for a limited period via the Carolyn Halden Fund. Application for 2011 is now open, see for conditions at the membership page.

The Czechoslovak Microbiological Society will organize its 25th Annual Meeting in Stara Lesna, High Tatras, Czechia, 15-18 September, 2010. There will be presentations on infectious diseases, epidemiology, nosocomial infections, antifungals and yeast biology, see here (in Czech; English edition will follow in due course).

The 2nd Central European Symposium on Industrial Microbiology and Microbial Ecology – “Power of Microbes in Industry and Environment”, with sessions on indoor mycology and antifungals, will take place in Malinska, Croatia, 22-25 September, 2010. For information, see: here.

Two PhD positions are available at the University of Aberdeen to work on signaling and pathogenesis of Candida albicans. The students will join the Aberdeen Fungal Group. The role of signal transduction in the adaptation to the human host and the estimation of the immune response will be investigated, see here. Information can be obtained from Prof. Neil Gow,

The Croatian Microbiological Society will organize a meeting entitled “Power of fungi and mycotoxins” in Trogir, Croatia, 19-22 October, 2011. Program sections are fungal disease, antifungals, and mycotoxins. We will inform when more details on this meeting are available.

The Winter Newsletter of the ISHAM Mycology Study Group (MSG) is now available, see at the Working Group page of our website .

The ISHAM Working Group Fungiscope requests your cooperation with uncommon fungal diseases. Agents are sequenced for state-of-the-art identification, and data are collected, preserved and made publicly available. Latest information and explanations can be found here, a report of recent activities can be found here, or contact Maria Rüping at  The Fungiscope website is

The Sociétés Française de Mycologie Médicale, Parasitologie et de la Société de Médecine des Voyages will organise a joint meeting in Angers, France, 19-21 May, 2010. Full information is available here.

The 20st Focus on Fungal Infections will be organized in New Orleans, U.S.A., 3-5 March, 2010. Program and information can be obtained here.


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