Dear members of ISHAM,
Through this email I want to invite you to participate in a survey into the extent of scientific fraud in the field of Medical Mycology.
During the 2009 (Tokyo) and 2012 (Berlin) ISHAM congresses Ira Salkin, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Mycology, organized sessions on the topic of Scientific Fraud in which I participated. As part of the 2012 symposium I already made a survey among members of ISHAM and the results were presented in Berlin. This 2012 survey showed some surprises that I did not expect in advance.
Because the participation of the ISHAM membership in 2012 was rather limited, probably due to limited communication [I spoke with many at the Berlin conference who were not aware of the existence of the survey at that time, but who wanted to participate!]. Therefore, I asked the ISHAM council to grant me permission to repeat the survey hoping for a broader response [the more replies the better!], and council agreed with my proposition.
Note that the current survey runs on a different website than the 2012 survey so I invite all ISHAM members [including those who participated in the 2012 survey!] to take part in this 2013 survey. The purpose is to present a rather general view rather than any specific case, and, importantly, data cannot be traced to any individual entries. 
The survey will only take 5-10 minutes of your valuable time and can be reached at  from February 4 until March 4 2013.
Thanks in advance and looking forward to your input,
Teun Boekhout
CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre
The Netherlands