ISHAM NEWS! (08-07-2016)

Dear , You may have noticed some stimulating videos of Council members at the occasion of their meeting in Taiwan. Click here for the website. Note that ISHAM is also present on Twitter and Facebook with relevant publications, workshops, grants, fellowships being shared in social media through these two links: Facebook and Twitter.

We are pleased to provide you with a selection of articles, hand-picked by Prof. Dr. Oliver Kurzai, Editor-in-Chief of Medical Mycology Case Reports, MMCR is an open access journal official supported by ISHAM. Each of the case reports has been carefully selected and Professor Kurzai’s motivation provided. Visit the journal view the articles.

The second Masterclass on Invasive Fungal Diseases will be held in Izmir, Turkey, 1-2 September, 2016. See the website here for info and registration.

The CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands has a vacancy for a group leader on clinical diagnostics. Click here for information and application.

The deadline to submit abstracts for the 5th Workshop on Scedosporium infections, which will be held in Bilbao, Spain, 6-7 October, 2016, has been extended to July 15th. Click here for the website and submission tools.

A PhD Thesison the role of chitinases in invasive fungal infections, written by Patricia Verwer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands is freely available on this website.

For a project on proteomics, Benjamin Stielow would like to obtain fresh clinical isolates of less-common Candida species. Detailed strain information is required. Strains can be sent and will be sequenced for verification of identity at no costs.

The January issue of Medical Mycology will be devoted to reviews from ISHAM Working groups, in the framework of the 20st ISHAM Congress in Amsterdam. Letters of intent must be submitted to Ruth Ashbee before 15 July, 2016. Click here for the invitation letter.

Do you have anything to announce to the active community of workers in all fields of medical mycology, free of charge? Please send a link to your event to

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