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Dear , Many thanks to all of our members who have already paid their ISHAM membership for 2014, especially those who have paid for multiple years.  For those members who have not yet paid, payment can be easily processed via the ISHAM webpage. You can choose to pay by PayPal or by credit card.  If you experience difficulties with these methods of payment, please get in touch with the treasurer Donna McCallum and she will provide you with bank account details and a reference number allowing you to initiate a direct bank transfer into the ISHAM bank account. Please also note that you can receive a discount if you choose to pay for multiple membership years in a single payment.

A one-year postdoc position on mucoralean research is available at HKI in Jena, Germany, for PhDs maximally two years after their promotion, see here. Application deadline is 1 March, 2014.

The XII Spanish National Congress on Mycology / XII Congreso Nacional de Micología will be held in Bilbao, Spain, 18-20 June , 2014. This comprises also the II Meeting on Invasive Fungal Infections (IIEFI). Registration is now open; for program and information (in Spanish), click here.

Applications are invited for International Research Scholarships from the University of Aberdeen, U.K. Students will complete a 12-month MRes in Medical Mycology and Fungal Immunology, followed by a 3-year PhD at a UK university in these areas. Scholarships are open to exceptionally talented applicants from low-and-middle-income countries. Information can be found here.

An international clinical guideline on the diagnosis and management of fungal asthma is being developed. It is expected that ISHAM will be one society contributing to this effort. The WG Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis in Asthmatics is seeking members with considerable depth of knowledge and clinical experience in this topic to contribute from outside N. America, Europe and India. Please let one of the co-ordinators know if you are interested in contributing. Contact David Denning, Ritesh Agarwal or Arunaloke Chakrabarti.

The program of two ISHAM Working Groups on Barcoding  of medical fungi, to be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 22-23 April, 2014, with sessions on techniques and on biodiversity is now available here. See also the adjacent meeting on Genera and Genomes in Amsterdam here.  

The next CBS Course Medical Mycology will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 17-28 November, 2014. See here for information and registration.

IAC2014, the 2014 International Aerosol Conference will be organized in Busan, South Korea, 28 August – 2 September, 2014.  

IMC10, the tenth International Mycological Congress of the International Mycological Association, will be held 3 - 8 August, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.  The program includes sessions on medical mycology. Registration is now open and can be accessed, along with the program.

A report of the course organized by the ISHAM Working Group Veterinary Mycology has appeared in Russian language, see here.

For the latest issue of LIFE with numerous news items, see here.

The 3rd Workplace and Indoor Aerosols Conference will be held in Wroclaw, Poland, 13-16 May, 2014. Full information can be found on the website here

The deadline for pre-conference registration for the upcoming 6th Advances Against Aspergillosis conference, Madrid, Spain, 27 Feb –1 March, 2014 is 15th February 2014; please register here. We are pleased to offer a Special Conference Registration and Hotel Package which not only gives you a reduction on the stand alone registration fee but also allows you to book into the conference hotel at a reduced rate. There are a limited number of hotel rooms available so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Medical Mycology, vol. 52 No 1 (January 2014) has appeared and are now freely available via your ISHAM member login. The issue represents the first with our new publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP).  This transition to OUP initiated numerous changes that have and will be made affecting almost every aspect of Medical Mycology.  For example, we changed the format of the cover to make the journal more eye-catching, modified the style of the articles published on-line or in print to enhance their readability and have simplified the procedures for submitting papers.  We trust that these and other similar efforts will enhance the impact, accessibility and efficiency of the journal, as well as increase membership, along with the journal’s Impact Factor and submissions received for publication.
For your convenience we list the contents below.

Ira F. Salkin: The times are a-changing. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 1 Free Full Text (PDF)

Savneet Kaur and Shweta Singh: Biofilm formation by Aspergillus fumigatus. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 2-9 Free Full Text (PDF)

Anuradha K. Pal, Devarshi U. Gajjar, and Abhay R. Vasavada: DOPA and DHN pathway orchestrate melanin synthesis in Aspergillus species. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 10-18 Free Full Text (PDF)

Marcus de Melo Teixeira, Raquel Cordeiro Theodoro, Fabiana Freire Mendes de Oliveira, Gabriel Capella Machado, Rosane Christine Hahn, Eduardo Bagagli, Gioconda San-Blas, and Maria Sueli Soares Felipe: Paracoccidioides lutzii sp. nov.: biological and clinical implications. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 19-28 Free Full Text (PDF)

Fabiola Fernández-Silva, Javier Capilla, Emilio Mayayo, Deanna Sutton, and Josep Guarro: Experimental murine acremoniosis: an emerging opportunistic human infection. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 29-35 Free Full Text (PDF)

Xinke Zhang, Yanchun Wang, Wanyi Chi, Yao Shi, Si Chen, Degui Lin, and Yipeng Jin: Metalloprotease genes of Trichophyton mentagrophytes are important for pathogenicity. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 36-45. Free Full Text (PDF)

Jochen Brasch, Felix Horter, Daniel Fritsch, Vera Beck-Jendroschek, Armin Tröger, and Wittko Francke: Acyclic sesquiterpenes released by Candida albicans inhibit growth of dermatophytes. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 46-55 Free Full Text (PDF)

Cheila Denise Ottonelli Stopiglia, Cibele Massotti Magagnin, Mauricio Ramírez Castrillón, Sandra Denise Camargo Mendes, Daiane Heidrich, Patricia Valente, and Maria Lúcia Scroferneker: Antifungal susceptibilities and identification of species of the Sporothrix schenckii complex isolated in Brazil. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 56-64. Free Full Text (PDF)

Ali Jebali, Farzaneh Haji Esmaeil Hajjar, Fereydoun Pourdanesh, Seyedhossein Hekmatimoghaddam, Bahram Kazemi, Alireza Masoudi, Karim Daliri, and Najme Sedighi: Silver and gold nanostructures: antifungal property of different shapes of these nanostructures on Candida species. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 65-72 Free Full Text (PDF).

Sherif M. Zaki, Iman M. Elkholy, Nadia A. Elkady, and Khayria. Abdel-Ghany: Mucormycosis in Cairo, Egypt: review of 10 reported cases. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 73-80 Free Full Text (PDF).

M. Serdal Sevinc, Veena Kumar, Makonnen Abebe, Michèle Lemieux, and Hari M. Vijay: Isolation, expression and characterization of a minor allergen from Penicillium crustosum. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 81-89 Free Full Text (PDF).

Bernardina Penarrieta Morales, Ivan Neves Junior, Luciana Trilles, Álvaro Luiz Bertho, Raquel De Vasconcellos Carvalhaes De Oliveira, Marilia Martins Nishikawa, Mônica Dos Santos Elias, Bodo Wanke, and Márcia Dos Santos Lazéra: Determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration of Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii against fluconazole by flow cytometry. Free Full Text (PDF)

Gemma Castellá, Selene Dall’ Acqua Coutinho, and F. Javier Cabañes: Phylogenetic relationships of Malassezia species based on multilocus sequence analysis. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 99-105. Free Full Text (PDF)

Alane T. P. Moralez, Emanuele J. G. França, Luciana Furlaneto-Maia, Regina M. B. Quesada, and Marcia C. Furlaneto: Phenotypic switching in Candida tropicalis: association with modification of putative virulence attributes and antifungal drug sensitivity. Med Mycol (January 2014) 52 (1): 106-114 Free Full Text (PDF)

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