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Dear , Registration for the 10th International Mycological Congress, to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, 3-8 August, 2014 is now open. The program covers the full spectrum of mycology including clinical symposia. Click here  for registration and further information.

The 12th ASM Conference on Candida and Candidiasis is organized in New Orleans, USA, 26-30 March, 2014. Full information and registration data on this major event for anyone working with Candida can be found here.

An ESCMID course on pharmacokinetics entitled ‘Bringing PK and PD in Fungal Infections into the Clinic’ will be organized in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 4-6 July, 2014. For information, click here.

The next MEEGID 12th International Conference on Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, 11-13 December, 2014. Click here for the website.

The VII Brazilian Congress of Mycology will be held in Belém, Brazil, located in the northern Amazon region, 25-28 November, 2013.  The program will comprise a mix of industrial, clinical and biodiversity importance, covering both basic and applied sciences. The complete program is available on the home page and remaining information can be found here.

The 8th Cuban Congress on Microbiology and Tropical Medicine will be organized in Havana, Cuba, 14-16 October, 2014, with some mycological sections. For information, click here.

The 6th masterclass on medical mycology entitled ‘The changing world of medical mycology’ will be organized in Mantra On Salt Beach – Kingscliff, Australia, 31 Oct – 2 Nov, 2013. For information, click here.

For the latest edition of LIFE – the Leading International Fungal Education, with lots of news relative to clinical mycology, see here

The next EMBO meeting on comparative eukaryotic genomics entitled: Complexity Patterns in Eukaryotic Genomes will be held 19-24 October, 2013 in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain. This is the website

The CBS Spring Symposium Week 2014 will start with a masterclass on Methods in Fungal Diversity and Barcoding, organized by the ISHAM Working Groups on Barcoding and on Scedosporium infections. A wide array of methods applied to a single set of Scedosporium strains will be shown. The meeting will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 22-23 April, 2014. Subsequently a meeting is organized in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 24-25 April, 2014, entitled ‘Genera and Genomes’. For both meetings information will be available soon on the CBS website under ‘meetings’.

The 1st International Conference of Medical Laboratories (CMLS) focuses on health problems in arid climate zones and  will be held in Khartoum, Sudan, 6-9 December, 2013. Also fungal topics will be covered. Information can be found here

The final program of the course on Veterinary Mycology, organized by the ISHAM Working Group on this theme in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 4-8 November, 2013 is now available here.

The 8th International Conference on Indoor Climate of Buildings will be held in High Tatras, Slovakia, 1-3 December, 2013. For information and download of registration form, click here.

Medical Mycology, vol. 51 No 7 (October) has appeared and are now freely available via your ISHAM member login. For your convenience we list the contents below.

Evaluation of Syngonanthus nitens (Bong.) Ruhl. extract as antifungal and in treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis
Marcelo Gonzaga de Freitas Araújo, Mariana Pacífico, Wagner Vilegas, Lourdes Campaner Dos Santos, Paula Alejandra Icely, Maria Soledad Miró, Maria Virginia Costa Scarpa, Tais Maria Bauab, Claudia Elena Sotomayor
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 673–682.

CSP typing of Chinese Aspergillus fumigatus isolates: identification of additional CSP types
Lu-Juan Gao, Yi Sun, Zhe Wan, Ruo-Yu Li, Jin Yu
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 683–687.

Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid galactomannan detection for diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Xiao-Bin Zhang, Gong-Ping Chen, Qi-Chang Lin, Xiao Lin, Hong-Ying Zhang, Ji-Hong Wang
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 688–695.

Inflammatory marker profiles in an avian experimental model of aspergillosis
Valerie Goetting, Kelly A. Lee, Leslie Woods, Karl V. Clemons, David A. Stevens, Lisa A. Tell
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 696–703.

The importance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia
Chung-Wei Chou, Fang-Chi Lin, Han-Chen Tsai, Shi-Chuan Chang
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 704–712.

A MALDI-TOF MS procedure for clinical dermatophyte species identification in the routine laboratory
Coralie L’Ollivier, Carole Cassagne, Anne-Cecile Normand, Jean-Philippe Bouchara, Nelly Contet-Audonneau, Marijke Hendrickx, Patrick Fourquet, Oumar Coulibaly, Renaud Piarroux, Stephane Ranque
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 713–720.

Antifungal agent susceptibilities and interpretation of Malassezia pachydermatis and Candida parapsilosis isolated from dogs with and without seborrheic dermatitis skin
Chompoonek Yurayart, Noppawan Nuchnoul, Pornsawan Moolkum, Supitcha Jirasuksiri, Waree Niyomtham, Ariya Chindamporn, Susumu Kajiwara, Nuvee Prapasarakul
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 721–730.

Species of Candida as a component of the nasal microbiota of healthy horses
Rossana De Aguiar Cordeiro, Paula Vago Bittencourt, Raimunda Sâmia Nogueira Brilhante, Carlos Eduardo Cordeiro Teixeira, Débora De Souza Collares Maia Castelo-Branco, Sabrina Tainah Da Cruz Silva, Lucas Pereira De Alencar, Elizabeth Ribeiro Yokobatake Souza, Tereza de jesus Pinheiro Gomes Bandeira, André Jalles Monteiro, José Júlio Costa Sidrim, Marcos Fábio Gadelha Rocha
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 731–736.

Identification and antifungal susceptibility of a large collection of yeast strains isolated in Tunisian hospitals
Jamel Eddouzi, Andrea Lohberger, Christelle Vogne, Mohamed Manai, Dominique Sanglard
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 737–746.

Efficacy of Nikkomycin Z for respiratory coccidioidomycosis in naturally infected dogs
Lisa F. Shubitz, Michael E. Roy, David E. Nix, John N. Galgiani
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 747–754.

Multilocus sequence typing of Candida albicans isolates from candidemia and superficial candidiasis in Israel
Ana Alastruey-Izquierdo, Marina Mandelblat, Ronen Ben Ami, David S. Perlin, Esther Segal
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 755–758.

Early Endosome Antigen 1 (EEA1) decreases in macrophages infected with Paracoccidioides brasiliensis
Aline Raquel Voltan, Janaina De Cassia Orlandi Sardi, Christiane Pienna Soares, Marcelo Pelajo Machado, Ana Marisa Fusco Almeida, Maria José Soares Mendes-Giannini
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 759–764.

Evaluation of a rapid lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of cryptococcal antigen for the early diagnosis of cryptococcosis in HIV patients in Colombia
Patricia Escandón, Jairo Lizarazo, Clara Ines Agudelo, Tom Chiller, Elizabeth Castañeda
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 765–768.

Does identification to species level provide sufficient evidence to confirm catheter-related fungemia caused by Candida albicans?
Pilar Escribano, Jesús Guinea, Laura Marcos-Zambrano, Sandra Recio, Teresa Peláez, Marta Rodríguez-Créixems, Patricia Muñoz, Emilio Bouza
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 769–773.

Disseminated histoplasmosis in an apparently immunocompetent individual from north India: a case report and review
Sushruta Kathuria, Malini Rajinder Capoor, Sachin Yadav, Avninder Singh, V. Ramesh
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 774–778.

Candida cerebral abscesses: a case report and review of the literature
Andrea M. Fennelly, Amy K. Slenker, Lara C. Murphy, Michael Moussouttas, Joseph A. DeSimone
Medical Mycology Oct 2013, Vol. 51, No. 7: 779–784.

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