ISHAM NEWS! (19-01-2017)

Dear , you are invited to submit your proposals for symposia or workshops for the 20st ISHAM Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 30 June - 4 July 2018, via this link. Help us to compose an exciting, diverse and balanced program! Deadline for submission of proposals is 1 March, 2017. Please note that this is NOT a call for individual abstracts; these are due in 2018 only.

The ISHAM Working Group Chromoblastomycosis will organise its next workshop in Havana, Cuba, 5-8 December 2017, at the occasion of the 80st anniversary of the Tropical Medicine Institute. For info, contact Tere Illnait.

The 44th Annual Conference on Yeast, with a section on medical mycology will take place in Smolenice, Slovakia, 2-5 May, 2017. Information can be found here.

The 2nd ISHAM-Gilead Forum on Fungal Infections in the Middle East will be held in Dubai, 5-6 May 2017. This initiative will be the second meeting following the inaugural meeting in 2016 and is supported by Gilead Sciences who are collaborating with ISHAM on this project to broaden the latest expert knowledge and updates on fungal infections in the middle east region. For more information contact: Apothecom.

The ISHAM Asia Fungal Working Group has a new website, see here.

Several centers worry about outbreaks of Candida auris, a newly emerging yeast. Some practical information is provided on the ISHAM website here and here.

The ISHAM Working Group on Nomenclature now is reachable via the ISHAM website here. Subscription to the mailing list is free, and provides free access to recent papers that contain significant taxonomic information and name changes of medical and veterinary fungi.

A course on Diagnostic Medical Mycology is run by the British Society for Medical Mycology 3-17 April 2017. Full information is provided by Ruth Ashbee.

The 7th International Coccidioidomycosis Symposium takes place in Stanford, USA, 10-13 August 2017. Click here for the website.

The University Hospital of South Manchester has become the first hospital in the UK and Europe to be recognised as a centre of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of aspergillosis and other fungal  infections. See more here.

Do you have anything to announce to the active community of workers in all fields of medical mycology, free of charge? Please send a link to your event to

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