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Dear , The next biannual Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM2015), under auspices of ECMM and EORTC, will be organized in Lisbon, Portugal, 9-12 October, 2015. This is the website where you may register to receive future updates.

Webcasts of TIMM2011 and TIMM2013 are freely available online here for participants and healthcare workers.

The 6th Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS 2015), hosted by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies, will take place from 7-11 June, 2015 in the historic city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Stay informed via the website here.

The BSMM/UCL MSc distance learning programme on medical mycology is designed for academic and healthcare scientists and clinicians in the fields of infectious diseases and medical microbiology. Graduates have gone on to become senior scientists in UK mycology laboratories, directors of university-based mycology centres overseas, consultants in infectious diseases/Medical Microbiology and PhD students in UK universities. More information can be found here.

The next Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC2014) will be held in Washington, DC, USA, 5-9 September, 2014. The abstract categories of this major congress has been expanded with ‘Experimental Therapeutics’, and ‘Vaccines and Immunization Science’ see the website here. On 5 September, several courses will provide attendees with an opportunity to attend half- or full-day series of lectures focused on a single topic; see the programme here.

It is with sadness that ISHAM shares the news that Dr. Morris A. Gordon passed away on 1 March, 2014, one month short of his 94th birthday.  Dr. Gordon was New York Department of Health, most of that time as Director of the Laboratories of Mycology and then as Chief of the Laboratory for Clinical Microbiology. An obituary can be found under the Mycological Heroes at the ISHAM website here.

The third International Conference on Antimicrobial Research (ICAR2014) will be organized in Madrid, Spain, 1-3 October, 2014; see the website here.

 The next Gordon Research Conference on Immunology of Fungal Infections will be held 18-23 January, 2015, in Galveston, Texas, USA, see here.

The ISHAM Working Group on Black Yeasts has composed a special issue of the journal Fungal Diversity entitled ’Ecology and Phylogeny of Black Yeast-like Fungi: Diversity in Unexplored Habitats’. The issue can be found here.


Medical Mycology, vol. 52-2 has appeared and is freely available via your ISHAM login at For your convenience, we list the contents below.

Ling Wang, Zhaohui Tong, Zhen Wang, Lili Xu, Yanbing Wu, Yingmei Liu, and Lin Wu: Single-center retrospective study of the incidence of, and risk factors for, non-C. albicans invasive candidiasis in hospitalized patients in China. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 115-122.

Elena De Carolis, Lambert A. M. Hensgens, Antonietta Vella, Brunella Posteraro, Maurizio Sanguinetti, Sonia Senesi, and Arianna Tavanti: Identification and typing of the Candida parapsilosis complex: MALDI-TOF MS vs. AFLP. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 123-130.

Carla J. Walraven, Stella M. Bernardo, Nathan P. Wiederhold, and Samuel A. Lee: Paradoxical antifungal activity and structural observations in biofilms formed by echinocandin-resistant Candida albicans clinical isolates. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 131-139.

Ildikó Nyilasi, Sándor Kocsubé, Krisztina Krizsán, László Galgóczy, Tamás Papp, Miklós Pesti, Katalin Nagy, and Csaba Vágvölgyi: Susceptibility of clinically important dermatophytes against statins and different statin-antifungal combinations. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 140-148.

Emily Whiston and John W. Taylor: Genomics in Coccidioides: Insights into evolution, ecology, and pathogenesis. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 149-155.

Jorge A. Luna-Isaac, Raquel Muñiz-Salazar, Raúl C. Baptista-Rosas, Luis M. Enríquez-Paredes, Laura R. Castañón-Olivares, Cudberto Contreras-Pérez, Elva Bazán-Mora, Gloria M. González, and Marisela R. González-Martínez: Genetic analysis of the endemic fungal pathogens Coccidioides posadasii and Coccidioides immitis in Mexico. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 156-166.

Jiufeng Sun, Xiqing Li, Peiying Feng, Junmin Zhang, Zhi Xie, Erwei Song, and Liyan Xi: RNAi-mediated silencing of fungal acuD gene attenuates the virulence of Penicillium marneffei. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 167-178.

Lilian Masoud-Landgraf, Alexandra Badura, Ernst Eber, Gebhard Feierl, Egon Marth, and Walter Buzina: Modified culture method detects a high diversity of fungal species in cystic fibrosis patients. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 179-186.

Ítala Bruna Z. Dourado, Wagner L. Batista, Larissa V. G. Longo, Renato A. Mortara, and Rosana Puccia: Dual localization of Mdj1 in pathogenic fungi varies with growth temperature. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 187-195.

Diana Binanti, Meike M. Mostegl, Christiane Weissenbacher-Lang, Nora Nedorost, and Herbert Weissenböck: Detection of Pneumocystis infections by in situ hybridization in lung samples of Austrian pigs with interstitial pneumonia. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 194-201.

Branca M.A. Silva, Rafael Prados-Rosales, Javier Espadas-Moreno, Julie M. Wolf, Jose L. Luque-Garcia, Teresa Gonçalves, and Arturo Casadevall: Characterization of Alternaria infectoria extracellular vesicles. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 202-210.

Luis A. Ramírez-Camejo, Ana P. Torres-Ocampo, José L. Agosto-Rivera, and Paul Bayman: An opportunistic human pathogen on the fly: Strains of Aspergillus flavus vary in virulence in Drosophila melanogaster. Med Mycol (February 2014) 52 (2): 211-219.

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