ISHAM NEWS! (22-12-2009)

Dear ISHAM member, the ISHAM News team wishes you a pleasant holiday and a splendid beginning of the new year! ISHAM continues to grow will expand its spectrum of facilities for its members. Please stay involved, and keep us posted about your activities for free worldwide announcement: ISHAM News reaches 1200 medical mycologists around the globe. And do not forget to renew your membership for 2010!

A Reference Lab for Echinocandin Resistance was established in 2006; for a short message on its activities, click here.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) will organize its annual meeting on Feb 28 – March 2, 2010, in New Orleans, U.S.A. Information can be found here.

A free download of the book “Descriptions of Medical Fungi” by David Ellis is available for ISHAM members; please check your member area.

The Third International Conference on Environmental Toxicology will be held at Cyprus, 4 - 6 May, 2010, click here here for information and registration.

A short course on Laboratory Identification of Emerging Pathogenic Molds will be held twice on April 6-8, 2010 and April 13-15, 2010, at the CDC in Atlanta, U.S.A. Info and contact options can be found at the ISHAM website here.

Young ISHAM has a lot of new items in its web-area, such as:

1) e books
2) Forum (new, user friendly forum)
3) Activities (images of promo talks, promo stands and much more )
4) Thesis library (filled with new thesis)
5) Improved job market (CV library, Offer/Search positions)

Medical Mycology  Volume 47 Issue 8 is now available online and freely available for ISHAM members, please check your member area. For your convenience, we list the contents below:

The still obscure attributes of cryptococcal glucuronoxylomannan, Pages 783 - 788
Authors: Marcio L. Rodrigues; Fernanda L. Fonseca; Susana Frases; Arturo Casadevall; Leonardo Nimrichter

Molecular epidemiology of global Candida dubliniensis  isolates utilizing genomic-wide, co-dominant, PCR-based markers for strain delineation, Pages 789 - 795
Authors: M. J. McCullough; G. Hepworth; I. Gordon; K. V. Clemons; D. A. Stevens

In vitro  pharmacodynamic characteristics of griseofulvin against dermatophyte isolates of Trichophyton tonsurans  from tinea capitis patients, Pages 796 - 801
Authors: Aditya K. Gupta; Judith V. Williams; Muhammad Zaman; Jagpal Singh 

Dose-response relationships of three amphotericin B formulations in a non-neutropenic murine model of invasive aspergillosis, Pages 802 - 807
Authors: J. W. Mouton; D.T.A. Te Dorsthorst; J. F. G. M. Meis; P. E. Verweij 

Histoplasma capsulatum  and Caenorhabditis elegans : a simple nematode model for an innate immune response to fungal infection, Pages 808 - 813
Authors: Clayton H. Johnson; Srinivas Ayyadevara; Joan E. Mcewen; Robert J. Shmookler Reis

Oxidative stress response of Inonotus obliquus  induced by hydrogen peroxide, Pages 814 - 823
Authors: Weifa Zheng; Yanxia Zhao; Meimei Zhang; Zhiwen Wei; Kangjie Miao; Weiguo Sun

A novel allele of HWPI , isolated from a clinical strain of Candida albicans  with defective hyphal growth and biofilm formation, has deletions of Gln/Pro and Ser/Thr repeats involved in cellular adhesion, Pages 824 - 835
Authors: Ana Carolina B. Padovan; Guilherme M. Chaves; Arnaldo L. Colombo; Marcelo R. S. Briones

Retrospective analysis of clinical yeast isolates in a hospital in the centre of Portugal: spectrum and revision of the identification procedures, Pages 836 - 844
Authors: Cristina Paulo; Cristina Mourão; Pedro M. Veiga; Joana M. Marques; Graça Rocha; Ana F. Alves; Amparo Querol; António A. Meliço-Silvestre; Isabel Gonçalves; Orfeu Flores; Carla Clemente; Teresa Gonçalves

Characterization of a secreted aspartyl protease of the fungal pathogen Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, Pages 845 - 854
Authors: Bruno Aluisio Coutinho de Assis Tacco; Juliana Alves Parente; Mônica Santiago Barbosa; Sônia Nairs Báo; Tércio de Souza Gsóes; Maristela Pereira; Célia Maria de Almeida Soares

Heterogeneity of proteins expressed by Brazilian Sporothrix schenckii  isolates, Pages 855 - 861
Authors: Geisa Ferreira Fernandes; Cristiane Candida do Amaral; Alexandre Sasaki; Patrício Martinez Godoy; Zoilo Pires de Camargo

Disseminated Oxyporus corticola  infection in a German shepherd dog, Pages 862 - 868
Authors: C. W. Brockus; R. K. Myers; J. M. Crandell; D. A. Sutton; B. L. Wickes; K. K. Nakasone

Isolation and identification of Rhizomucor pusillus  from pleural zygomycosis in an immunocompetent patient, Pages 869 - 873
Authors: Masatomo Kimura; Shun-Ichi Udagawa; Koichi Makimura; Kazuo Satoh; Noritsuna Toyazaki; Hiroyuki Ito

A comparative serological study of the Ss CBF antigenic fraction isolated from three Sporothrix schenckii  strains, Pages 874 - 878
Authors: Andréa R. Bernardes-Engemann; Carla V. Loureiro y Penha; Fabiana Benvenuto; José Ueleres Braga; Mônica L. Barros; Rosane Orofino-Costa; Leila M. Lopes-Bezerra

Utility of Real-time PCR for the detection of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis  DNA in the diagnosis of imported paracoccidioidomycosis, Pages 879 - 882
Authors: M. J. Buitrago; P. Merino; S. Puente; A. Gomez-Lopez; A. Arribi; R. M. Zancopé-Oliveira; M. C. Gutierrez; J. L. Rodriguez-Tudela; M. Cuenca-Estrella


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