ISHAM NEWS! (20-05-2010)

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ISHAM welcomes a new Working Group: Mucosal Candidiasis, coordinated by Flavia de Bernardis in Rome, Italy. A first proposal can be found in the Working Group area at our website here. If you are interested to participate, please contact Prof. de Bernardis at

The next meeting of PAMMS (Pan-African Medical Mycology Society) will be held in Assiut, Egypt, March 5 and 6, 2011.  The congress will be followed by a practical workshop on medical mycology, to be held 7-9 March, 2011. Full information can be found here, and a registration form here.

The conference of the European Biosafety Association (EBSA) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has been moved to 21-23 April, 2010, because of air traffic problems. For information and registration, please visit the website here. Pre-conference workshops are planned on June 21, 2010.

The program, information and registration data of the Interdisciplinary Forum on Superficial Fungal Infections, organized in Jena, Germany, on October 11-13, 2010, can now be found here.

The 4th UK Clinical Mycology Network Annual Meeting will be held on June 7 at the Royal College of Pathologists, London, U.K. This meeting is free to attend and should interest anyone who provides clinical mycology services. Registration and further details can be found here.

In the member area of the ISHAM website you may find a very useful section with free Protocols in Diagnostic and Clinical Mycology. We will be grateful for anyone donating additional protocols. ISHAM also welcomes a new Protocol Editor: Jiufeng Sun,

Information on the 6th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, September 25-29,2011 is now available and can be found here.

The "3rd International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy" (3rd ICDDT 2011) will be held in Dubai, UAE,  February 7-10, 2011. For information, click here.

The first International Middle East Course on Molecular Laboratory Diagnostics and Treatment of Clinically Important Yeasts in Qatar, 16-18 February 2011. For information and registration, see here.


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