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Dear , Last June the third meeting of the ISHAM Working Group on Fungal Respiratory Infections in Cystic Fibrosis. This meeting comprised 74 attendants coming from 13 countries; a report can be found here.

The 6th FEMS Congress of European Microbiologists is organized in Maastricht, The Netherlands, 7-11 June, 2015. This is the website here.

A Workshop Genomics of Neglected Pathogens will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 20-21 April, 2015, organized by the ISHAM Working Group Black Yeasts. For general information and registration, click here. The program will contain presentations on Coccidioides, Sporothrix, Madurella, and particularly on black yeasts, where considerable progress has been made.

Oxford Global's Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Congress will be held 29-30 September, in London, U.K.

A new journal has been launched: Journal of Fungi, with pathogenic fungi as one of the main areas to be covered. For full information, click here.

To apply for a YISHAM Scholarship for the ISHAM Congress, click here. Applicants must be under 40 yrs of age and a member of Young ISHAM. Applications close 1st October 2014. 

Medical Mycology, vol. 52-4 and 5 have appeared and are freely available via your ISHAM login at For your convenience, we list the contents below.

Michail S. Lionakis New insights into innate immune control of systemic candidiasis. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):555-564first published online July 14, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu029

Vit Hubka, Pavlina Lyskova, Jens C. Frisvad, Stephen W. Peterson, Magdalena Skorepova, and Miroslav Kolarik Aspergillus pragensis sp. nov. discovered during molecular reidentification of clinical isolates belonging to Aspergillus section Candidi. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):565-576first published online June 20, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu022

Alexis Danylo, Chantal Courtemanche, René Pelletier, and Alexandre A. Boudreault Performance of MycAssay Aspergillus DNA real-time PCR assay compared with the galactomannan detection assay for the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis from serum samples. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):577-583first published online July 14, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu025

Guillaume Desoubeaux, Marie-Charlotte Bernard, Valérie Gros, Pierre Sarradin, Elodie Perrodeau, Laurent Vecellio, Antoine Piscopo, Jacques Chandenier, and Louis Bernard Testing an innovative device against airborne Aspergillus contamination. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):584-590first published online June 25, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu011

Jennine M. Lunetta and Demosthenes Pappagianis Identification, molecular characterization, and expression analysis of a DOMON-like type 9 carbohydrate-binding module domain-containing protein of Coccidioides posadasii. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):591-609first published online July 14, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu020  

Suzanne M. Johnson, Erin L. Carlson, Frederick S. Fisher, and Demosthenes Pappagianis Demonstration of Coccidioides immitis and Coccidioides posadasii DNA in soil samples collected from Dinosaur National Monument, Utah. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):610-617first published online May 20, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu004

George Kimpton, P. Lewis White, and Rosemary A. Barnes The effect of sample storage on the performance and reproducibility of the galactomannan EIA test. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):618-626first published online May 21, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu014

Douglas Roberto Monteiro, Aline Satie Takamiya, Leonardo Perina Feresin, Luiz Fernando Gorup, Emerson Rodrigues de Camargo, Alberto Carlos Botazzo Delbem, Mariana Henriques, and Debora Barros Barbosa Silver colloidal nanoparticle stability: influence on Candida biofilms formed on denture acrylic. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):627-635first published online June 20, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu021

Yingying Shan, Shangrong Fan, Xiaoping Liu, and Jianling Li Prevalence of Candida albicans-closely related yeasts, Candida africana and Candida dubliniensis, in vulvovaginal candidiasis. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):636-640first published online July 14, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu003

Florencia D. Rojas, María de los A. Sosa, Mariana S. Fernández, María E. Cattana, Susana B. Córdoba, and Gustavo E. Giusiano Antifungal susceptibility of Malassezia furfur, Malassezia sympodialis, and Malassezia globosa to azole drugs and amphotericin B evaluated using a broth microdilution method. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):641-646first published online June 25, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu010

Wiebke Duettmann, Christoph Koidl, Katharina Troppan, Katharina Seeber, Walter Buzina, Albert Wölfler, Jasmin Wagner, Robert Krause, and Martin Hoenigl Serum and urine galactomannan testing for screening in patients with hematological malignancies. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):647-652first published online June 17, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu019

Eun Song Song, Jong Hee Shin, Hee-Chang Jang, Min Ji Choi, Soo Hyun Kim, Marie-Elisabeth Bougnoux, Christophe d'Enfert, and Young Youn Choi Multilocus sequence typing for the analysis of clonality among Candida albicans strains from a neonatal intensive care unit. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):653-658doi:10.1093/mmy/myu028

Patrizia Danesi, Ilenia Drigo, Roberta Iatta, Carolina Firacative, Gioia Capelli, Claudia Cafarchia, and Wieland Meyer MALDI-TOF MS for the identification of veterinary non-C. neoformans–C. gattii Cryptococcus spp. isolates from Italy. Med Mycol (August 2014)52 (6):659-666first published online June 20, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu031

Patrizia Danesi, Carmelo Furnari, Anna Granato, Alice Schivo, Domenico Otranto, Gioia Capelli, and Claudia Cafarchia Molecular identity and prevalence of Cryptococcus spp. nasal carriage in asymptomatic feral cats in Italy Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):667-673first published online July 31, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu030

Ali Rezaei-Matehkolaei, Hossein Mirhendi, Koichi Makimura, G. Sybren de Hoog, Kazuo Satoh, Mohammad Javad Najafzadeh, and Mohammad Reza Shidfar. Nucleotide sequence analysis of beta tubulin gene in a wide range of dermatophytes. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):674-688first published online July 30, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu033

Sarah A. Ahmed, David A. Stevens, Wendy W. J. van de Sande, Jacques F. Meis, and G. S. de Hoog. Roussoella percutanea, a novel opportunistic pathogen causing subcutaneous mycoses. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):689-698first published online June 25, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu035

Peppel, Olaf M. Dekkers, Peter A. von dem Borne, and Mark G. J. de Boer. Relapsed and secondary disease drive the risk profile for invasive aspergillosis prior to stem cell transplantation in patients with acute myeloid leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):699-705first published online July 21, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu036

Rishi Mani Srivastava, Rijuneeta, Ashok K Gupta, Sourabha K Patro, and Ajit Avasthi. Quality of life, disability scores, and distress index in fungal rhinosinusitis. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):706-714first published online July 16, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu037

Maria Noni, Anna Katelari, George Dimopoulos, Georgia Kourlaba, Vana Spoulou, Helen Alexandrou - Athanassoulis, Stavros-Eleftherios Doudounakis, and Chryssa Tzoumaka - Bakoula. Inhaled corticosteroids and Aspergillus fumigatus isolation in cystic fibrosis. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):715-722first published online July 23, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu038

Magdalena Skóra, Anna B. Macura, and Małgorzata Bulanda. In vitro antifungal susceptibility of Scopulariopsis brevicaulis isolates. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):723-727first published online July 21, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu039

Magali Bourdelin, Frédéric Grenouillet, Etienne Daguindau, Patrice Muret, Yohan Desbrosses, Jonathan Dubut, Eric Deconinck, Samuel Limat, and Fabrice Larosa Posaconazole prophylaxis in neutropenic patients with hematological malignancies: limits in clinical practice. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):728-735first published online July 10, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu042

Chi-Ching Tsang, Jasper F. W. Chan, Nigel J. Trendell-Smith, Antonio H. Y. Ngan, Ian W. H. Ling, Susanna K. P. Lau, and Patrick C. Y. Woo. Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis in a patient with IgG4-related sclerosing disease caused by a novel ascomycete, Hongkongmyces pedis gen. et sp. nov.: first report of human infection associated with the family Lindgomycetaceae. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):736-747first published online August 20, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu043

Keith Cássia da Cunha, Deanna A. Sutton, Josepa Gené, Josep Cano, Javier Capilla, Hugo Madrid, Cony Decock, Nathan P. Wiederhold, and Josep Guarro. Pithomyces species (Montagnulaceae) from clinical specimens: identification and antifungal susceptibility profiles. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):748-757first published online August 16, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu044

 E. Tyczkowska-Sieron, W. Gaszynski, J. Tyczkowski, and A. Glowacka. Analysis of the relationship between fluconazole consumption and non–C. albicans Candida infections. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):758-765first published online September 3, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu053

Elizabeth M. Brown, Lisa R. McTaggart, Donald E. Low, and Susan E. Richardson. Effective method for the heat inactivation of Blastomyces dermatitidis. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):766-769first published online July 21, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu040

Débora Alves Nunes Mario, Laura Bedin Denardi, Daniela Isabel Brayer Pereira, Janio Morais Santurio, and Sydney Hartz Alves In vitro photodynamic inactivation of Sporothrix schenckii complex species. Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):770-773first published online July 21, 2014 oi:10.1093/mmy/myu041

Jennifer L. Anderson, Jordan L. Dieckman, Kurt D. Reed, and Jennifer K. Meece Canine Blastomycosis in Wisconsin: A Survey of Small-Animal Veterinary Practices Med Mycol (October 2014)52 (7):774-779first published online September 3, 2014 doi:10.1093/mmy/myu051

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