Scedosporium /Pseudallescheria


Michaela Lackner (
Sharon Chen




The objectives of the working group are:

  • To promote knowledge and increase international visibility in clinical, translational, basic science and one-health aspects of research in the field of Scedosporium and the diseases it causes.
  • To establish and coordinate joint research projects between members of the working group and other ISHAM working groups and learned societies



Following on from a well attended session at ISHAM in 2015, a 5th working group meeting in Bilbao, Oct 6-7 2016 hosted by Dr. Andoni Ramirez-Garcia and Dr. Fernando Hernando was organised.  This meeting focused on the latest advances regarding Scedosporium species, taxonomy, novel therapeutics and diagnostic strategies, pathobiology or ecological and clinical prevalence.

In collaboration with the ISHAM WG on cystic fibrosis (CF),working group members contributed to a special edition of fungal infections in CF (due late 2016) which includes reviews and original research on topics including: Ecological studies of Scedosporium apiospermum, Challenges in fungal detection from respiratory secretions in CF, Rare moulds  in CF, Phenotypic identification and genotyping of L. prolificans isolates, SOD gene disruption in Scedosporium aurantiacum, and in vitro Pseudomonas-Scedosporium interactions.


Lackner et al. Proposed nomenclature for Pseudallescheria, Scedosporium and related genera. Fungal Diversity, (2014) 67:1-10 (Link here to the article).