Young ISHAM Training Fellowship

The ISHAM Council has created The Young ISHAM (YISHAM) Training Fellowship. The Fellowship will allow recipients to travel to centres to learn specific techniques and to develop their expertise in medical mycology.  Applicants are likely to be MSc, PhD or early post-doctoral workers and, as well are learning specific techniques, it is hoped the Fellowships will stimulate collaborations between groups and institutions.

Up to four Fellowships will be available each calendar year and will be to a maximum value of CHF 5,000.


Fellowship Rules

  1. Applicants MUST have been a member of YISHAM for at least 2 years before they submit their application.
  2. The maximum value of each Fellowship is CHF 5,000
  3. There will be up to 4 Fellowships available each calendar year.
  4. A budget must be included as part of the application.
  5. Applicants should include a 2 page curriculum vitae, in addition to completing all the sections of this application form.
  6. Two letters of nomination are required by each applicant. One should be from the supervisor, advisor or employer of the applicant stating why the training is required for the applicant and how they will benefit from it.  The second letter should be from the host institution, describing the training to be provided and their agreement to provide it without charging any bench fee or similar.
  7. The completed application form and CV should be submitted to the ISHAM General Secretary at least 3 months before the activity to be covered by the Fellowship. Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  8. Applications which are not submitted according to the timelines listed in the Fellowship rules, will not be considered.
  9. On completion of the Fellowship, the recipient must provide a written report within 3 months of the end of the Fellowship, sent to the ISHAM General Secretary, that will be published on the ISHAM website.

Further details and an application form can be found here.