Medical Mycology: Open Access

Many of ISHAM’s Members have received an invitation from Insight Medical Publishing to become an Editor of a new journal called Medical Mycology: Open Access, or to submit manuscripts. The ISHAM Council and Oxford University Press would like to inform you that neither this journal nor its publisher have any connection with our journal, Medical Mycology, or with ISHAM. We look forward to receiving your submissions to Medical Mycology – published on behalf of ISHAM by Oxford University Press. Thank you for your support,

Malcolm Richardson: ISHAM President
Karl Clemons: Editor-in-Chief Medical Mycology
Rachel Warren: Senior Editor, Journals, Oxford University Press


Mark Fraser, Zoe Brown, Marian Houldsworth, Andrew M. Borman, and Elizabeth M. Johnson

Editor's Choice: Rapid identification of 6328 isolates of pathogenic yeasts using MALDI-ToF MS and a simplified, rapid extraction procedure that is compatible with the Bruker Biotyper platform and database
Med Mycol (January 2016) 54 (1): 80-88 first published online November 21, 2015 doi:10.1093/mmy/myv085

Michael A. Pfaller and Mariana Castanheira

Editor's Choice: Nosocomial Candidiasis: Antifungal Stewardship and the Importance of Rapid Diagnosis
Med Mycol (January 2016) 54 (1): 1-22 first published online September 18, 2015 doi:10.1093/mmy/myv076



February 5-62016

11th Annual Fungal Update Meeting St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London

February 14-162016

ECMM Educational Symposium 'Ecology and Mycology: Tel Aviv, Israel, Program.

February 14-272016

FEBS advanced practical course 'State-of-the-art infection models Jena, Germany, Info

February 26-272016

Meeting of Serbian Society of Medical Mycology Belgrade, Serbia, More info.

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