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November 8-11 2014

Course on Diagnosis, Molecular Identification and Epidemiology of Human Pathogenic Fungi Bogotá, Colombia, More info.

November 14-15 2014

Meeting of FIMUA, the Italian Society of Human and Animal Mycopathology, Verona, Italy, More.

November 17-19 2014

Comparative and Functional Genomics of Fungal Pathogens Baeza, Spain More info.

November 17-28 2014

CBS Course Medical Mycology Utrecht, The Netherlands, More info.

ISHAM NEWS (7-11-2014)


Israel society

Azole-resistant Aspergillus

Chromoblastomycosis Brazil

Applied mycology and yeast Egypt

Clinical mycology Turkey

Paracoccidioides Brazil

Ascomycete systematics Amsterdam

Genomics neglected pathogens

Yeast taxonomy Utrecht

Molecular identification Colombia

Cryptococcosis guideline

Medical Mycology